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Tom Ford thinks about death all day, if you want to know the truth. “Everything dies.” He sits in his office, which is nothing but shades of white, black, and stainless steel, and he thinks of death in there, too.“I look at a puppy and I think, ‘Oh my God, that puppy’s so beautiful. I think, ‘Well, they’re going to be dead in three or four days, but my God, aren’t they beautiful now? Years ago, the thumbprints on the steel would have bothered him.Zuo yue zi is somewhat controversial because the advice to take a month’s rest can be interpreted widely.For example, the ideas that one shouldn’t wash hair, take showers, brush teeth, use an air conditioner or leave the house all stem from the belief that childbirth brings significant amounts of fluid and blood loss.When placed properly, your FLEX should not leak or overflow.It can hold up to 6 teaspoons of fluid (or the equivalent of three super tampons).Maybe it’s age that has mellowed him—he’s 55—or maybe he just has less to prove these days, now that virtually everything he’s tried has turned out not just okay, not just successful, but singular and exquisite.

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Then, later, when he’s really drunk, let him clumsily masturbate your phantom penis. Don’t just send him some random thinkpiece from a lame website like Vulture or Salon or The New York Times. If he says “you’re Benjamin Franklin and I’m a space goat,” just do it!For those times you need a throwaway email address (like getting two more free weeks of Hulu Plus).The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self destruct in 10 minutes. Solves any kind of math problem, from basic math to chemical equations.Once inside the body, FLEX has an outer edge made of a proprietary blend of medical-grade polymer.This material uses your body heat to warm up to form your natural shape, creating a leak-free seal.Oh, it’s just going to be old and die.’ And that makes that puppy even more beautiful.” He leans forward. Years ago, he tells me, he would have sat up straighter and made sure his suit was falling exactly right. He said he wanted to live in an adobe in the desert with his dog and make sculpture; he suggested, in this very magazine, that all men should be sexually penetrated, and then he maybe (definitely) propositioned his interviewer. It’s now, and now he’s more interested in having a good talk than a wild time.


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