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Instead my orientation is around the integration of life's experiences and on becoming more whole.

For more information or to RSVP*, contact Chapter Leader Sarah Onofri at Boston [email protected] visit the Boston North NSA Website.If you want to enjoy your adult beverages with something fun to do, these southern Maine restaurants and bars provide plenty of activities for your sipping enjoyment. I’ve always said that I’d go to the movies more often if the movies had a bar and a full restaurant.From bowling, to billiards, to bocce, and pinball, these bars will keep you well fed, hydrated, and entertained. #latergram #xenaprincesswarrior #xenacantbowl #bowling #bowlingnight #mainelife #pfftt #moniker #portlandmaine #portland #maine #207 #xena #ilost A post shared by Meg:) (@mizzadorkable) on Taking bowling to a whole new level! Candlepin bowling, bocce (aka lawn bowling), corn hole, local drafts, fresh food, and PHENOMENAL service is the name of their game. Smitty’s answers the call at each of their many locations.Boston: Adults – Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at PM at Boston University’s Sargent College building (635 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA) in Room 303 (third floor, to the right of the elevator).For more information, please contact Chapter Leaders Sarah Onofri and Jess Giuffre at Boston [email protected] visit the Boston Adult NSA website.Regional Chapter Coordinator: Stavros Ladeas – [email protected]/ (570) 269-1154 Family Chapters: Annemarie Whitesel – [email protected] Haven: Adults – Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at PM at the Center for Speech and Learning – 801 Edgewood Avenue (corner of Edgewood and Central Ave.), New Haven, CT (entrance is on Central Ave. For more information, contact Chapter Leader Alida at [email protected] Danette Fitzgerald at [email protected] visit the New Haven Chapter facebook page.


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