Thera explosion dating

Exodus reveals the story of the birth and life of Moses who was a diehard Hebrew credited with the emancipation of the Jews from the clutches of Egyptian slavery.The Exodus depicts the great escape of the Jews from Egypt.The people on Thera saw disaster coming and they cleared out in time. Our eyes naturally turn to Minoan civilization on Crete. The Minoans vanished not long after, and were replaced by Greek Mycenaeans. The sun had to've been blotted out for days, and great tsunamis swept the Eastern Mediterranean. That’s the well-known idea, which has been recycled many times with variations to take account of changing attitudes towards the date of the eruption (which has been refined from the C15 BCE back to the late C17). The Thera theories are wonderfully evocative, and wonderfully appealing, because they suggest that modern science can explain ancient mysteries, catastrophes and miracles.Many people are drawn to them because these theories suggest some historical substance behind the biblical stories, as well as providing an explanation for a murky period of history, all without needing to call upon supernatural activity.

Excavations yield no human remains, and few personal belongings.

But everything depends on when the eruption occurred. That matches art on Egyptian trade goods found in Akrotiri.

It's also when we think the Hebrew exodus from Egypt took place.

The islands in the archipelago form the circular ring of a caldera formed from volcanic eruptions.

One of these eruptions, in the middle of the 2nd millennium BC, was of such magnitude that everything on the islands was buried in about 200 feet of tephra (solid volcanic debris).


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