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Coupling the updates of single apps with the updates of the whole desktop or framework and libs, is just plain wrong. I personally had, during the last 10 years, people go from Linux (which I talked them into trying) back to windows, _precisely_ of this reason, of having to upgrade the whole distribution every few months just to be able to get new app versions.

Having to upgrade the whole distro (including all the other installed apps you dont want to upgrade) just to install a new version of one single app you _want_ to update is a nightmare. They dont have to put up with this insane bullshit on Windows, why should they put up with it on Linux?

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Editorial Trapped In Paradise TOOK ATRIP to the US last month and came across the subsidy trap on cell phones, which has led to a reduced choice of handsets amongst American con- sumers, and an increase in the clout telecom service providers have.

Here in India, it's the same story with CDMA car- riers, who offer discounts mainly for lower-end phones.

However, at least we can buy our own choice of handsets from one of the innumerable retail stores, and get the provider to set it to our number.

This is because of two reasons: CDMA is the prevalent technology used there, and secondly, mobile phone manufacturers initially chose to tie up with telecom service providers to sell their phones instead of doing it all themselves. This means that almost 90 to 95 per cent of cell phones are sold through the telecom service provider rather than the mobile phone manufacturers them- selves.

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