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Leonardo Di Caprio celebrated winning the Oscar for Best Actor at a private party with Made In Chelsea's Lauren Hutton, according to reports. We take a look at his confirmed and rumoured romances.

Hutton, 27, previously dated MIC co-star Spencer Matthews, and apparently met Di Caprio in the Caribbean in 2014. The Oscar-nominated star has dated many a beautiful woman — from supermodels to actresses to singers.

Related: Chinese Americans Find Love on Specialty Dating Site While that mindset might be changing, Chinese living in Canada still tend to be more conservative than their counterparts elsewhere, according to the survey.

More than 80 percent said men and women should date only one person at a time.

"I remember thinking the scene was just going to be in a medical-like room — no windows or anything like that," Nam told Business Insider in a recent interview. But the public got an early peek into the show when a contract for extras leaked and showed that sex and nudity would play big roles in the show.

Nam said he had to quickly collect himself after the initial shock.

Thoughts, musings, and observations about race in America, particularly the mixing of race--in all the ways you can imagine: people of various races interacting, people of various races not wanting to mix, issues of purity, hybridity, multiplicity, heterogeneity, and any other way you can describe the blending, melding, melting, tossing, turning, churning of race relations in the United States.

was a good first film (the movie franchise not the young adult novels, which I've never read).

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Roughly 58 percent of those surveyed were women and 42 percent men.

That combination really was what made everyone comfortable on set. Not only is she in the scene and really present and so giving as an actor, which is gold for me because it makes the experience so rich and so wonderful, but what also helped once the cameras were turned off — we found our own natural rapport and friendship. "What I really enjoyed about this project is that, yes, it does show nudity, but we kind of showed nudity in a new way," Nam continued.

"And it really makes us rethink and resee things such as gender and pleasure, along with nudity.

The findings, Zhao said, suggest a shift away from conventional attitudes typically embraced by Chinese.

“The traditional Chinese dating culture is as soon as someone asks you out for a cup of coffee, you’re exclusive, that you should just date this one person,” she said.


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