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Germanic-Dinaric haplogroup (Eu7 or I) is the most frequent in West Balkans (to 73% in Dalmatia and Herzegovina), reaching across Germany northwards to Scandinavia (48 %) and eastwards to Caucasus (58 %), Kurdistan and Teheran (to 34%). The Germanic-Dinaric haplogroup is divisible into the Germanic haplogroup (I1), which is most common in Scandinavia, and the Dinaric haplogroup (I2), which is most common in the West Balkans......21 Horithi, Horiti, C.'— Horigti, L. Original Croats were probably R1a people that came from territories between todays Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia.A Slavonic race, placed by Alfred the Great to the east of the Slavi Dalamenti, who occupied the district north-east of Moravia...... Poland_under_Boleslaw_Even their coat of arms suggests strong connection with those areas (from left to right: Moravian, Croatian) 491png306px-Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Banate_of_png Until we get more info, this theory is most probable.My OBs management fee is 00 and I should get about 0 back from medicare.My midwife visits costs and I get back, a visit with the OB is 5 and I get back (that's all from medicare).The only thing was I would have liked my own room and DH being able to stay, but we don't think it's worth the extra PHI and out of pocket expenses. I guess you have to weigh up what's more important Our PHI costs 6/mth (so just under 00 per year, which is not even half the pp mentioning k for 2 years) and is family cover, with a hospital excess of 0 and cover for everything except what I call 'old people's stuff' and 85% extras (which means I get 85% of my extras costs back). My chiro appts are costing me .60 and they are essential to me coping with SPD.My DH has horrible teeth so is always as the dentist and our cover has NO annual limit for general dental.High percentage of Hg I in todays inhabitants of Croatia is purely coincidental. Singer says,— The Horiti of Alfred are undoubtedly the Croati, or Crowati of Pomerania, who still pronounce their name Horuati, the h supplying the place of ch.Gothic Hg I is totally different of what is found in todays Croatia and those split up many thousands years ago. Nor does it seem unreasonable to presume that the Harudes of Csesar (De Bel. I, 31, 37, 51) were also Croats; for they must have been a numerous and widely spread race. 314This would mean that the Harudes (Χαροῦδες) were in all likelihood a Slavic-Gothic alliance, which would account for their large numbers and highly regarded standing and privileged position.

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In Montenegro entire tribes such as the Kuc, Bjellopavliq, Palabardha, Piprraj and Vasovic were assimilated; those who resisted assimilation retreated into the hills of what is now northern Albania" They were Christians long before that. 852, will strengthen this supposition ; — '' Inde transiens per Angros, Harudos,. (As seen it also had a part to play in topography, names and place names elsewhere, even the very Carpathians mountains...[Horvatya/Harvathi/Harvaða in the later Gothic epics] This again would partly explain and emphasize the truth of the descriptions of Croats being called Goths as well as Slavs in later Roman and Byzantine accounts also.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this comes as no surprise, the berberid E-M81 that has frequency peaks in Moroccan and Tunisian (also most Algerian E) Berber populations has a European peak on the Iberian peninsula; in southern Portugal and across parts of Spain, to be more precise. Thanks :) Same goes for Serbia and Macedonia, Western Europeans trying to lie about us even in genetics. The African admixture I defintley connected with E1b1b1b1a M81.

There is also a slightly higher frequency in certain parts of Sicily than in the rest of Europe, albeit, not nearly as high as Portugal and Spain's frequencies. I think that the E1b M81 in Italy and Greece came during Greco Roman age.

These lies are simple and preety common examples of lies that can have tragic consequences.

That is why in my opinion, lying can be considered as a crime, even a white lie (like my first and last example in the above paragraph).


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