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Generational theory postulates that generational cohorts emerge when people are born within a 20 year time period, share a location in history, have common beliefs and behavior, and have a sense membership within the generational group (Strauss & Howe, 1991).Generational cohorts are proposed to be radically different in values and behaviors because they experienced different events during their formative years (Howe & Strauss, 2003).This study was designed to investigate generational differences in knowledge about interactive technology (i.e., cell phones, social networking, email, video chat) between parents and their young adult children.Parents (n = 555) and young adults (n = 604) residing in the United States provided information about their knowledge in the use of interactive technology.

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Understand the dangers and follow some simple guidelines to help you stay safe and in control.

The participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups (1) Intervention Group 1: MDFR Text Messages Dietary Feedback; (2) Intervention Group 2: MDFR Dietary Feedback; (3) Control Group 3: MDFR, no feedback.

All groups will undertake a 3-day dietary record using the MDFR but only the Intervention Groups 1 and 2 will receive tailored dietary feedback at baseline and at 6-months which will consist of assessment of serves of fruits, vegetables and junk food in comparison to dietary recommendations.

Young adults typically consume a diet which is inconsistent with the dietary recommendations.

Yet little is known about the best approaches to improve dietary intakes and behaviours among this group.


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